Ear Acupuncture




Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic technique that can be used independently as well as in a complementary way to any other treatment. This technique consists of treating very precise points on the ear.
Auriculotherapy can be a real asset where conventional treatment lacks efficiency or has serious side effects.

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Indications for auriculotherapy are countless and cover almost every discipline in modern medicine.
Different kinds of pain but also gastro-intestinal problems, sinusitis, allergies, detoxications (tabacco), stress and many other ailments can be treated succesfully with auriculotherapy.

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In practice

First a thorough investigation is performed in order to ascertain the precise cause(s) of the problem presented. Active points on the auricle are then identified up by palpation or with the aid of electrical detection.
After that, the points are treated with (semipermanent) needles or with cold (Cryo Auriculo Therapy).

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